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Discover the Versatility and Value of Our Koda Printed Promotional Pens

When it comes to promotional products, few items are as universally appreciated and utilised as the promotional pen. Here at [Your Company Name], we are proud to offer the Koda Printed Promotional Pen range, an exceptionally competitive and high-quality option available in seven distinct styles to cater to all your branding needs. Each Koda pen is equipped with a high-capacity Parker-style ink refill, ensuring a smooth writing experience that lasts.

The Koda Pen Range

  1. The Koda Full Colour This single colour, high gloss version of the Koda pen is available in an impressive 16 vibrant colours. Whether you’re aiming for a bold statement or a subtle tone, there’s a shade to match your brand perfectly.
  2. The Koda Clip Featuring a white body with a contrasting coloured clip, the Koda Clip offers a sleek and modern look. With 10 different clip colours, this pen is ideal for those who want a pop of colour while maintaining a clean, professional appearance.
  3. The Original Koda The pen that started it all. The Original Koda is available in four classic colours and remains a favourite for its timeless design and reliable performance.
  4. The Koda Deluxe For a touch of elegance, the Koda Deluxe combines a solid colour body with a stylish metal nose cone. Available in four core colours, this pen exudes sophistication and class.
  5. The Koda Frost Add a cool touch to your promotional efforts with the Koda Frost. This pen comes in six frosted colourways, providing a unique and refreshing look that stands out.
  6. The Recycled Ball Pen In today’s environmentally conscious world, the Recycled Ball Pen is a standout choice. Available in six colourways, this pen boasts bona fide eco-credentials, meeting Global Recycled Standards, making it perfect for brands committed to sustainability.
  7. The Koda Anti-Bac Ball Health and hygiene are paramount, and the Koda Anti-Bac Ball pen meets the need perfectly. Available in white, this pen features an anti-bacterial finish, ensuring it remains a clean and safe option for everyday use.
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Exceptional Print Areas for Maximum Impact

One of the standout features of the Koda Printed Promotional Pen range is the generous print areas. The large barrel print area measures 50mm x 20mm, making it one of the largest available for standard promotional pens. This space is ample enough to accommodate a QR code, logo, or any other significant branding message you wish to convey. Additionally, the clip offers a separate print area of 30mm x 5mm, ideal for text or a web address.

High-Capacity Parker-Style Ink Refill

Each Koda pen is equipped with a high-capacity Parker-style ink refill. This ensures not only a smooth and reliable writing experience but also longevity, making the pen a practical and appreciated gift that keeps your brand in the hands of your customers for longer.

The Power of Promotional Pens

Promotional pens are a tried and tested marketing tool for a reason. They are practical, cost-effective, and offer a high perceived value to recipients. Whether used in offices, given away at events, or included in promotional packages, these pens keep your brand top of mind every time they are used.

Why Choose Koda Pens?

  • Competitive Pricing: Our Koda pens are priced to offer excellent value for your investment, ensuring you can maximise your marketing budget.
  • Fast Turnaround: We understand that time is often of the essence, and we pride ourselves on offering quick turnaround times without compromising on quality.
  • Versatility: With seven styles and a myriad of colour options, there’s a Koda pen to match every brand and occasion.
  • Quality Printing: Our high-quality print process ensures that your branding stands out with sharp, vibrant colours and clear text.
  • Durable Ink Refill: The high-capacity Parker-style ink refill ensures that each pen lasts longer, providing continued exposure for your brand.

In conclusion, the Koda Printed Promotional Pen range is your go-to choice for a versatile, affordable, and impactful promotional product. Enhance your brand visibility and make a lasting impression with these fantastic pens. Contact us today to learn more about our competitive prices and fast turnaround times!

For more information about the Koda Printed Promotional Pen range or discuss your promotional pen requirements, contact us by filling in the form on our contact page or simply why not give us a call. Your brand deserves the best, and with Koda pens, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

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