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In addition to our promotional products and printed and embroidered clothing you may not realise that Abalone Graphics are also a UK manufacturer of Magnetic Name Badges. We do have a number of badges on this website but the vast majority of our name badges are on our dedicated name badge site www.magneticnamebadges.co.uk where we offer name badges for all kinds of industries and sectors including the wonderful NHS.

In late 2014, when we noticed a number of requests for our magnetic name badges, all featuring a destinctive logo. Initially, we believed the logo to be part of a new NHS branding exercise, but decided to investigate a little futher. 


Magnetic Name Badge Hello My Name Is

Our 76mm x 30mm Plastic Hello My Name is name badge is a popular badge and approved by infection control, available with a magnetic fixing as standard.  Abalone Graphics are an official supplier of hello my name is name badges and other branded merchandise.


This destinctive logo, was obviously the now unmistakable #hellomynameis… logo.  And we were taken not to the NHS, but to the remarkable Kate Granger and Chris Pointon, founders of the amazing #hellomynameis campaign.  Looking into this further and realising what a fantastic initiative it was, we contacted Kate, to see if we could get involved with the campaign and promote it our name badge website.  Kate replied advising she was happy for us to get involved, and she would add to the official suppliers on the hello my name is  campaign website https://www.hellomynameis.org.uk

Further to this Abalone Graphics Ltd also agreed to support the official hellomynameis charity of choice, making a donation for every #hellomynameis badge sold.  

We need to be clear that the the phenomenal success of the #hellomynameis campaign, is entirely down to the tireless work of Kate Granger and now Chris Pointon, and all the amazing healthcare practices and NHS professionals that have embraced it.  Abalone Graphics feel extremely privileged to have been involved in just a small way, and continue to support both #hellomynameis and the Yorkshire Cancer Centre now known as Leeds Cares.  


Hello My Name Is Merchandise Website Launched

A few years ago in conjuntion with Chris Pointon we launched a dedicated website with official hello my name is merchandise which can be seen HERE In addition to our name badges we added a range of official hello my name is products and for all products sold we make a donation to Hello My Name Is charity of choice Leeds Hospitals Charity formally Leeds Cares 

Leeds Hospitals Charity

Chris Pointon visits Abalone Graphics 


Abalone Graphics were delighted when Chris Pointon visited us to see the work we do here and to discuss our dedicated hello my name is website.

Chris demonstrates that he is a man of many talents as we put him to work screen printing hello my name is t shirts.






Chris Pointon Visits Abalone Graphics

Over £30’000 donated to Cancer Charity

At the time of writing this piece Abalone Graphics has donated over £30’000 to  the hello my name is charity of choice Leeds Hospitals Charity through the sales of hello my name is products. Abalone Graphics continues to donate and support the charity and raising more money and awareness of the campaign.