The humble Beanie is now a firmly established workwear essential clothing item.

Despite having been around for way longer than most people realise,  it was the 90’s fashion trend for Beanies that catapulted them back into public mainstream.  This increase in popularity has lead to them now being available in vast range of styles and a mind boggling range of coloursways.




Beanies popular in the 90's
Beanies, some wore them better than others!

Branding Beanies

When it comes to branding beanies for workwear an embroidered logo is usually the only suitable option as the woollen material doesn’t lend itself to standard printing techniques.  Although in general most embroidered logos can be reproduced on a beanie sometimes the logo size may need to be alterered to fit, this is especially true for cuffed beanies where the embroidery needs to be fit in a specific position.

Beanies embroidered


Where a logo or branding is required on beanies, embroidery is normally the best option. 

Unbranded Beanies

Not everyone requires beanies to be branded with embroidery, sometimes an unbranded plain beanie can be perfect compliment to a workwear uniform.  This can especially true if the colour or colours of the beanie matches with the business or organisation branding.   As you would expect all of our beanies can be purchased unbranded and whilst we offer a core selection of beanies available to purchase directly HERE from our website our full clothing catalogues shows our entire range of beanie offerings should you need something a little different or not available here.

Different Types of Beanies

With beanies having found there way into the workwear enviroment it’s to be expected that they are available to match different needs and requirements.

Pom Pom Beanie

 As you would expect its a beanie with a pom pom, available in a range of colours including contrasting colourways and styles. 

Hi Vis Beanies 

Hi-vis or Hi-visibility Beanies are now available, ideal for safetywear enviroments and the building industry but equally suitable for joggers or cyclist where being visible is of paramount importance.  Hi-vis beanies are available in both hi-visibility fluorescent colours and with additional reflective properties.

Slouch Beanies 

Slouch beanies are oversized beanies designed to be worn in a casual informal way, a favourite beanie for dance groups!


embroidered beanie hats

Merchandise Beanies 

Beanies are a very popular items for clubs and associations with many clubs choosing to offer embroidered club beanies to members.  Embroidered beanies benefit from being a relatively low cost item of club merchandise that’s functional and popular with members.

Whilst beanies are popular with almost all kind of clubs they are particulary suitable for outdoor type clubs,  such as fishing clubs, dog clubs, car clubs and running clubs.

If you’re interested in beanies for you company, club or organisation have a look out our range available on our website or simply contact us for further information.