Unveiling Our New Artwork Redrawing Service: Transforming Your Logo into Vector

At Abalone Graphics, we’re always on the lookout for ways to enhance your visual identity and simplify your design needs. We’re thrilled to introduce our latest offering – the Artwork Redrawing Service, a game-changer for businesses seeking to elevate their brand presence.

Why Artwork Redrawing?

Your logo is the face of your brand, and ensuring its versatility across various mediums is crucial. Many logos may not be in vector format, limiting their scalability and adaptability. That’s where our Artwork Redrawing Service comes in, allowing you to effortlessly convert your existing logo into a dynamic and high-quality vector format.

Logo Before Redrawing
Logo After Redrawing

How It Works

Navigating to our website at HERE, you’ll now find our user-friendly Artwork Redrawing Service. Simply upload your logo, and our skilled designers will meticulously redraw it into a vector masterpiece. We offer two options to cater to the complexity of your artwork – Standard and Complex.

Standard Redrawing

Ideal for straightforward logos, this option ensures a crisp and clean vector representation, maintaining the essence of your brand.

Complex Redrawing

For intricate and detailed logos, our Complex Redrawing option is tailored to preserve every nuance, delivering a vector version that mirrors the intricacy of your original design.

Why Vector Matters

Vector graphics are resolution-independent, meaning they can be resized to any scale without losing quality. Once your logo is redrawn into a vector format, the possibilities are endless. Here’s why it matters:

  1. Versatility    – Use your vector logo across a spectrum of projects – from business cards to billboards – without worrying about pixelation.
  1. Professionalism    – Vector logos exude professionalism and are essential for high-quality printing, ensuring your brand looks impeccable in every representation.
  1. Consistency    – Maintain consistency across your brand collateral, online presence, and marketing materials.
Vector Format Logo
Redrawn Logo Changes

Colours at Your Command

One of the remarkable advantages of having a logo in vector format is the ability to change its colors effortlessly. Once redrawn, your logo becomes a dynamic canvas ready for customisation. Adapt your brand to different themes, seasons, or marketing campaigns with a few clicks.

Seamless Integration

Our Artwork Redrawing Service seamlessly integrates into your branding journey. Whether you’re a small business looking for a fresh logo or a large corporation aiming to revamp your visual identity, we’ve got you covered.


Investing in a vector version of your logo is an investment in the longevity and adaptability of your brand. Experience the transformative power of our Artwork Redrawing Service at Abalone Graphics – where your vision becomes a scalable reality.

Upload your logo today and witness the magic unfold as we breathe new life into your brand imagery. Discover the endless possibilities of a vector logo – because your brand deserves nothing less.